IG Live Session #3 – Jake Kheel – Worm Composting & Organic Waste


Jake Kheel is a sustainability innovator, thought leader, and award winning documentary film maker. He works as the Sustainability Director of the Punta Cana Group, one of the leading companies in the Dominican tourism and resort industry. 
In this Live Session we talk ⁣⁣⁣⁣about the worm composting (both at a household and larger scale), the experiences and lessons learned by the Punta Cana Group in their efforts to manage their organic waste, and some of Jake’s other projects (including his role as a producer in the award-winning documentary «Death by a Thousand Cuts». 

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  1. Who is Jake Kheel? Introduction to the Punta Cana Group, ECORED, and the documentary Death by a Thousand Cuts.
  2. 50-60% of all our waste/residuos are ORGANIC. Jake’s experiences with worm composting (at home)
  3. Nature’s elegant solutions and principles: circularity, no waste, self-regulation
  4. The Punta Cana Group’s experiences in their efforts to manage their organic waste, including various iterations of their worm composting project.
  5. Practical considerations when setting up and managing a worm bin at home. Chris showing a worm bin that we make at our workshops with Una Vaina Verde
  6. Una Vaina Verde’s workshops (soon available online as well!) on How to Make Compost at Home and How to Grow Food in the City
  7. The documentary Death by a Thousand Cuts (soon the be made available online!)
  8. What is next for Jake and the Punta Cana Group. What’s in the pipeline.
  9. One piece of practical advice in terms of something the viewers can do RIGHT NOW, TODAY, with regards to a healthier, more sustainable lifestyle




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